Business Leadership: Why Does It Matter?

What does it mean to be a leader? What qualities should a person have to lead his or her company to success and expansion? At all times, people needed someone to direct them towards success, someone who possesses such qualities as integrity, knowledge, skill, and creativity in order to show them what to do and how to behave to provide the prosperous future to the company, firm, or small enterprise. Thus, it is hard to overestimate the importance of leadership in the modern world of business. This quality levels up any startup or organization and provides them with a great journey to the pinnacles of success. Not only a winning marketing strategy but also a leader can prop up someone’s business. Besides, it can bring more results than one has ever expected before.

The significance of such great quality as leading in business is obvious enough, as some organizations having no leader are likely to fail. Such companies need a real boss to guide and direct its employees correctly according to a certain plan or strategy. Besides, a good leader should be able to cope with difficult and unexpected situations rapidly and dispassionately in order to show subordinates the confidence in his or her ideas. Moreover, if somebody does business, he or she must learn continuously about new strategies appearing in a field and other novelties helping a company to cope with a crisis or expand overseas. It means that a head of a company should be ready to spend time and money on obtaining new knowledge assisting the staff to move further and overcome difficulties (DeWitt, 2013).

There are two types of leading people. Some individuals prefer to command and control the working process without taking into consideration an employee’s desires and ideas. Others like to cooperate with their subordinates by helping them with problems and providing them with necessary conditions and material. This makes it possible to execute work in the best way, as the staff feels comfortable and relaxed. Hence, the creativity and productivity of workers increases. The last type of leaders is the most appropriate because they keep focused on their staff. That is one greater trait for a successful company or organization. The ability to lead employees of a company motivates the staff greatly (Chestnut, 2017).

Imagine an army without a general. Will it defeat opponents? The answer is probably “no,” as there will be no person to tell them what to do. Together with leadership, a person gets a great responsibility to motivate subordinates and gives them the inspiration to finish the task perfectly and achieve one or another goal. An individual cannot influence other people if he or she is not able to communicate and delegate tasks properly. However, not every leader was born to inspire people and cope with different challenges professionally; these traits can be obtained as a result of long-lasting training and studies. Thus, striving to change oneself and improve professional characteristics is an integral part of every great entrepreneur and boss (Rothstein & Burke, 2010).

To sum up the presented ideas, one should note that the modus operandi bringing positive results to a company is an optimal synergy of leadership, strategy, and the ‘luck of the Irish’. It is not enough to have highly professional staff and a brilliant plan to go towards the prosperity and a happy future; these people should also be guided by individuals with a talent to lead others. Only an instrumental managerial style can give the upper hand, as all in all, business is administered by people. That is why their qualities can make a great difference to successful development of a company.


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