Process Essay On “How to Bake a Cake”

We all love cake. There is even a saying: “No matter how full you are, there is always room for some cake”. Couldn’t be more true. There are so many different variations of cakes that it is very easy to get confused. For most of the people, the process of baking a cake seems like something straight from the rocket science that only true professionals can do. However, the truth is different.Read More

My Mother

Mother – the person we know even before we are born. They make sure we are born and raised properly while giving us their love and kindness. A mother is a person for whom a child always goes first. There is nothing in this world that she wouldn’t sacrifice for her kid. We all remember always having the last piece of cake or when a mother was always there when we needed her. Read More

My Father Essay: Writing Guide & Sample

Father – one of the first people we meet when coming into this world. He teaches us how to ride a bike, how to throw a football. Looking at him we learn what it’s like to be responsible, watching him make decisions is how we learn to make those ourselves. This is a person who we can talk ages about and there still will be stories left worth telling. But as soon as we have to write an essay about him, all of a sudden, we do not even know where to begin.Read More

A Visit to an Amusement Park

If there is a heaven on Earth, that this place would be an amusement park. This is truly the place where everyone is happy, fun is guaranteed, and nobody leaves unsatisfied. Is there even a person in the entire world who doesn’t like amusement parks? Probably not. They are just so awesome! Recently, I have been to one, and believe me, it was just a wonderful experience. Every person should always visit amusements parks from time to time.Read More

I dream to live in a perfect hou

For all people the word “home” associates with safety, warmth and calmness. We like to decorate our houses with different things that give us a feeling of comfort and individuality. That’s why even if you live in a block of flats, you would never find two flats that look the same. Each house is the individual world filled by its owners.Read More

Murree is the Queen of Hills

Murree is a beautiful hill station and resort that is situated in Pakistan. This is a beautiful place that is ideal for a family vacation. This place is called “queen of hills”, and this is true – when you see the beauty of mountains covered with great green trees, when you feel fresh air and relaxing atmosphere of this place, a feeling of freedom and happiness is overfilling you. You don’t need to think about problems and troubles, you can relax and feel like in heaven being in Murree.Read More

The best relaxation is a day at the beach

My parents, sister and I don’t always have time to spend it together. Yet, we use every opportunity to rest at the beach, and the best season for these short trips is summer. Almost every weekend during summer, our family go to the beach and spend there the whole day. It is a great pleasure for our family to rest the whole day at the beach. Usually, we have sun baths, swim, dive, build sand castles, or play volleyball. As for me, there is no better place to have fun, play games, do sport, and be together with my dearest people.Read More

The Role of Home Environment in Shaping Child Development

Parents and older siblings are the first persons met by a new-born. While satisfying primary survival needs, parents expose a child to a certain home environment with its unique values, traditions, and routines. It is a well-known fact that parents and the entire family significantly affect child’s personality, cognitive development, emotional state, and behavioral habits. In this vein, the presence and active involvement of parents or caregivers in the life of a child is essential to provide the necessary support to the child throughout the overall development. Otherwise, the child is likely to lack confidence and trust accountable for the normal growth and development.

Read More

Surrogacy As The Salvation For Infertile Couples

Today the problem of decreasing the level of fertility of young and seemingly healthy women and men is becoming increasingly acute. An ever-greater number of couples strive to deliver babies in this world, but they simply cannot do it because of certain reproductive health problems. Fortunately, modern medicine and science make it possible to bring their dreams to life and give them the most precious gift in their lives called children. Such a prodigious savior is surrogacy.

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