Criminal Justice


The culture of policing among the organization is a new concept. It refers to a culture that represents an occupational culture to groom the newcomers into the system, with socialization (Gaines & Kappeler, 2014). It’s a demand characteristic of personnel who is supposed to work in a certain environment. It gives the new comers to have a tilt of the organization and its decision-making the process as a part of induction into the new organization. Police culture generates a great deal of solidarity for the people in the group and develops the social cohesiveness among the people (Bureau of Justice Assistance, 2008).

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Views on Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Law

With the massive, unprecedented growth of multinational corporations all over the world within the past century, the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) came forward very quickly, after a number of environmental, social, and ethical abuses large and mighty entities engage in for the sake of profit (Amao, 2011). Many corporations used to come to undeveloped countries with weak, fragile systems of protection and control, to contaminate land and water, to exhaust local resources, and to remain unpunished because of corruption and bribery.

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