Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover Essay Sample

It is a normal situation in our schools and universities, when students have to write “don’t judge a book by its cover” narrative essay. At the first glance, this topic looks very easy but we think that there are some pitfalls, which may appear during writing a don’t judge a book by its cover essay. As a result, we decided to prepare a short article, which can help you to write an essay about judging a book by its cover. So, let’s start.

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Heart of darkness Essay: Write It Well!

The novel Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad is a literary masterpiece that in which the author gives profoundly describes the colonialist ideal of the 19th century as well as shows how light contrasts with darkness and the essence of these two images. Conrad uses such a metaphoric vision to lead the readers through the whole story and make them not only understand but truly hear, feel and see the magic power of written words.

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My Father Essay: Writing Guide & Sample

Father – one of the first people we meet when coming into this world. He teaches us how to ride a bike, how to throw a football. Looking at him we learn what it’s like to be responsible, watching him make decisions is how we learn to make those ourselves. This is a person who we can talk ages about and there still will be stories left worth telling. But as soon as we have to write an essay about him, all of a sudden, we do not even know where to begin.Read More

Ideas for Descriptive Essay Writing in 2017

Writing a descriptive essay, it sounds so easy. But despite sounding like a piece of cake, the entire process is actually far always from being incredibly easy, and the problems are there right from the get-go.  How to show emotions to a writer? How to make sure he or she understands what a writer even talking about? However, the very first problem that absolutely any essay writer encounters is choosing a topic. Going through all the possibilities and picking something interesting can be quite a hard thing to do. After all, what ideas can even be considered good? Let’s go over some of these.Read More

Essay Help, Writing Guides and Tutorials

Essay – something that sounds so easy, yet is so hard to actually write. It takes many years for some people to master this art. Not everyone who attempts to take a shot at it actually succeeds. There are a lot of things that all have to be accounted for in a good essay.  However, there is a way to make the entire process a little bit less of a pain. How? Well, here are some tips and guides that make every essay writing much less troublesome and much more of enjoyable process.Read More

50 best topics for your research paper

If you feel stuck with choosing a good subject for your future research paper, read this list of the most popular topics for 2017 and get fresh ideas to create a successful work!Read More

Harry Potter” series — the best book I’ve ever read

I have a huge collection of books at home, and I used to read since I was a child. Most of all, I like fantastic and adventures, and of course, when someone asks me to tell them about my favorite book, I can tell them about Harry Potter for hours! I have read all books from series for many times, and I enjoy each and every of them. Of course, I have a favorite story, and this is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This is the first book from the series, and this is the first book about Harry Potter I’ve read, and I felt that I was gripped by the author.Read More

How to write “My parents essay”?

Needless to say that parents are the most important and close people for anyone. Of course, we all can have conflicts and fights, but parents are those people who would never betray their children. My parents will always be my best heroes because they did their best to make my life brighter. I can’t imagine how the child changes people’s life and how hard it must be to stay awake at nights when the baby is crying. Read More

How to write about favorite dish

The main goal of the descriptive essay is to make the reader feel the same as the teller feels. If you are going to write about delicious and tasty food, you must create a bright descriptive work, so your audience will feel like they just tasted a delicious food you love the most. So, you need to concentrate deeply on the subject and describe your food’s color, taste, smell, and even the way you eat it. Read More

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