Professional Soldier

Even despite the fact the Cold War is over and there is no need to continue militarization of our country, the government spends billions of dollars to protect our borders. So, we decided to prepare a professional soldier essay example, which you can use as a pattern for your own paper on this topic. So, let’s start.

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War on Terrorism

One of the fatal terrorist attack in the United States in recent times has been the San Bernardino attack of December 2, 2015, barely two years and two months ago. The attack consisted of a mass shooting and attempted bombing at the inland Regional Centre in San Bernardino, California, which left 14 people dead and 22 other seriously injured.

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What It Means to Be a US Secret Service Agent

Obviously, the US Secret Service is an employing organization to be proud of. Numerous films and literary works have been dedicated to secret agents and their heroic deeds in the face of international threats and dangers, so the public mostly remains with a romanticized impression about what it takes to become a secret agent. However, in fact, this organization is only one of many US agencies caring about homeland security, and its history is long and interesting. This essay explores some important milestones of US Secret Service’s history and examines current responsibilities and duties of agents employed in it.

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Arming Pilots: Pros and Cons

Prior to 9/11 attacks, the airline industry took minor concern related to security of airports, plane personnel, passengers, and the nation at large. Tragic events of September 11th enforced redefinition of security strategy and measures. In the aftermath of the events, airline security regulations were subject to review and revision to strengthen protection against terrorism and other security threats. Along with the improved passenger and baggage screening procedures, there was a suggestion for arming pilots to make them ready for a terrorist attack. The corresponding act was signed already in November 2002 to compel a specific training program for airline pilots volunteering to carry guns. By signing the document, the Bush administration expected an active response of airline pilots committed to national security.

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