Deep Acting And Surface Acting: Psychology Essay

Deep and Surface Acting for Female and Male Nurses

Items measuring surface and deep acting were inspired by Brotheridge and Lee’s emotional labor scale but were modified for use with the current sample of registered nurses. Because nurses interact with a wide range of role-related partners, the aim of the investigation is how frequently they engaged in surface and deep acting with a variety of other group members: patients, doctors or residents, patient families, other RNs on the unit, and nursing support staff.

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Our dreams and how we can manage them

They say people can’t live without dreams, and this is very true. Dreams take a big part of our life; even small kids have their own dreams about something they desire. Dreams help adult people to achieve their goals, because when people have something they truly want, their dreams force them to find new ways to change something in their lives and get something they wish to have. Some of our dreams can be material, but some of them are different.Read More

Life is an eternal teacher for every individual

Every person comes to this world, live some period of time and die. However, during this period, it is necessary to learn how to live in this world. Of course, at the first place, every human being should get to know how to sit, walk, talk, sing, cook, clean, swim, and many other things that do almost everyone. Yet, these are the basic things that life teaches people. Apart from this, it gives the other more complicated lessons that eventually define what person everyone is at the end of life.Read More

What life would be without the Internet?

These days, the Internet is something usual for most of the people. They use it to buy and sell things, to communicate with other people, to have fun, to study, and even to work. People so get used to it that they can’t even imagine how it is possible to live not having it. However, it is very interesting to think of how people would live without such thing as the Internet.
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What would I do being a magician?

Every day of my life I look at this world noticing the most beautiful and the ugliest things. Sometimes, life can be unfair, and in these situations, I would be glad to be a magician and have powers to be able to change everything. Every child dreams of getting ultimate powers to have everything that he/she wants. Yet, I’m not a child now, but I still have a list of desires what would I do, if I were a magician.Read More

Why my parents are my role models for me?

Starting from an early age, children choose a role model for themselves. In the mass media era, they usually choose some celebrity or super hero. They pick someone, who they think is great. Sometimes, young people change role models because of certain reasons or because of maturation. I also had a celebrity as my role model a few years ago, but now my parents are my role models for me.
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Emotions as Social Interactions

Emotions are a complex topic within psychology, and defining them can be made from different points of view. The American Psychological Association college dictionary (2009) defines an emotion as “a complex reaction pattern, involving experiential, behavioral, and physiological elements, by which the individual attempts to deal with a personally significant matter or event” (p. 126). There are several definitions, depending on the method you choose from, and each of this positions will yield their own conclusions.

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How Volunteering Abroad Can Help You to Boost Your Skills and Possibilities

Remember most interesting stories you have heard. What way were they alike? Each of them was connected with a certain adventure in a foreign country, with an experience somebody obtained while traveling, or something else. Everybody knows that travels help people to understand culture and traditions of other nations so that they can boost knowledge and widen their views easily without any learning and passing exams. However, this activity is not cheap, and to visit different places, an individual needs to have lots of money and free time. Thankfully, there are numerous voluntary programs demanding no money at all.

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Negative Influence of Text Messaging on Teen Literacy

Nowadays, modern people utilize many ways of communication. Landline phones and regular mail with letters written by hand are considered old-fashioned things. Therefore, digital technologies using the Internet are becoming ever more popular. Most messengers have only a function of message traffic. As usual, all novelties become very demanded, especially among teenagers who cannot live without constant communication in different social networks. Some teachers suppose that constant text messaging affects teen literacy badly, and this opinion has substantial grounds.

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Health Impact of Military Service

Nobody can dispute the fact that military service is a reputable, dignified profession that not every man or woman is suitable for. Only the best get to military service to protect their motherland from inherent risks and threats, and military servants are usually the first and most important guardians of public safety and security. However, it is true that military service causes some irrevocable changes in the person’s health and psyche – surprisingly, even under the condition of not participating in the active combat. For a long time, the devastating impact of military service on the human health has been either overlooked or misunderstood, and only the latest research in the field of psychology and medical achievements have helped those problems surface.

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