IT Privacy and Security Policy


Personal information such as Passwords, Telephone Numbers, Name, Street Address, Username and Email Address will not be shared without the legal consent of the customer. The classification of such information is under the non-personally identifiable information and therefore forbidden from the public domain.

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The Importance of Body Scans Use and Invasive Pat-Downs for Passengers’ Safety

Terrorism is one of the most terrible threats to modern society. Most terrorist attacks usually happen in heavily crowded places: airports, railroad stations, shopping centers, etc. Certainly, there is no opportunity to prevent such attacks everywhere, but airports and railroad stations are key places for establishing increased standards of safety. Therefore, such places are equipped with specialized scans for screening of passengers and personal carry-on items. Invasive pat-downs are also used in case of different problems with scans, or if a person declines the procedure of scanning for various reasons. Some people think that such safety measures violate basic human rights and should be banned. Nevertheless, use of body scans (or invasive pat-downs, in some specific situations) is extremely important to ensure passenger safety.

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Privacy Rights: Should They Be Protected or Not

The contemporary generation is living in the age of digital technologies. Nowadays, there are too many devices and ways to communicate in the Internet. However, there is another side of such an active public life in different social networks: protection of privacy rights. Certainly, private life should be protected with the help of different ways, since it is quite simple to get a lot of information about a particular person from the Internet. While different people are developing illegal ways of getting this information such as malware, computer viruses, etc., the importance of digital literacy and self-protection online is growing.

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The Change in Airport Security since 9/11

Terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, became the critical event in the modern American history affecting the national identity. While being a human tragedy for the civic population, 9/11 attacks revealed the power of international terrorism to the global community as well as indicated areas for improvement in airline security. Prior to September attacks, American airlines used to pay little concern for military experience and security skills of persons employed as security screeners. Most of them lacked knowledge and abilities to detect possible threats of weapons, such as bombs, guns, cutting devices, and airborne pathogens, when screening passengers and their luggage. The then security realm did not prioritize the importance of continuous training and development of security staff.

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U. S. Security after the Establishment of the Homeland Security

By setting the Department of Homeland security, the U. S. government integrated over 40 federal agencies and about 2,000 separate units into a single entity in charge of the national security. The need for creating a comprehensive multi-layer, yet single security institution was raised in February 2001 by the report of the U. S. Commission on National Security. In its appeal, the Commission recommended complex institutional and procedural modifications across legislative and executive branches to strengthen the security framework and the readiness for future security challenges.

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