Gender Inequality

The problem of gender inequality (also known as sexism) is extremely discussed in the US. Just remember about recent sexual scandals in Hollywood to make sure that it is our reality. We understand that this topic is actual, that’s why we prepared a gender inequality essay sample. If you want to figure out how to write an interesting gender inequality essay, continue reading this example.

So, if we talk about gender inequality, we should understand that this problem is actual both for women and men. Let’s consider some example of gender inequality in our day-to-day life.

  1. Higher salary. Most women declare that men earn more money than women do. According to the recent study, this situation is real. However, many professional sociologists also mention that it can be connected with their pregnancy and maternity leave. Women lose their possibility to get more experience that’s why they earn less.
  2. Limited number of professions. It is not a secret that many countries try to restrict the number of professions, which are available for women. Governments try to justify their decisions and say that these professions are too harmful. However, many feminists think that it is an example of sexism in our day-to-day life.
  3. Child custody. In most cases, courts during processes about divorces do not take into account such important factors such as the level of salary, the involvement of fathers in childcare and so on. They just grant custody of a child to a wife. In addition, men also think that compulsory enlistment into military services is an ordinary sexism too.

Now, after reading this short gender inequality essay example, you can forget about problems with essay writing. Use this pattern to create an impressive paper.

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