Hero or Wretch? Byron Helps to Determine

Perhaps, you think too much about why negative characters sometimes are so attractive in real life or movie. When all seems going good and safely, many people feel that something is not enough. The bad hero can stir up your sympathy in many cases. But you need to understand properly from where this sympathy to appealing scoundrel comes.

It began far back in the 19th century.

..England. Victorian era.

Such heroes emerge in poetry and literature:

  • Sherlock Holmes;
  • Dorian Gray;
  • Oliver Twist.

The well-known characters of famous Englishmen of that time are Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, George Eliot. All of these writers thoroughly influenced the literature and the formation of modern tastes later.

But I think the one who laid a foundation, who gave birth to the controversial picture that is intriguing, make you feel anger and vex at the same time attracts, deserves a special attention. This person struggled with the contradictions inside his world, the poet’s world. It is Lord Byron! He is fanatical and passionate, interested in the unknown and mystical. Moreover, he tries to understand contradictions in a human soul.

I should say that it’s naturally that the Byronic hero appeared in all author’s poems and ballads. In many of traits, the Hero corresponds to his creator. But who is he, who are they? Selfish misunderstood heroes or arrogant outsiders?

Byron was educated, talented and handsome. He thinly felt the character and mood of the era.

Thus, the Byronic hero harmoniously combines positive and negative features. It leads to the popularity and sometimes idealization of the hero.

Undoubtedly, the line between the creator and the creation is very subtle. Byronic is rebel and troublemaker. He is free from conventions and a passionate favourite of women. And though the Byronic hero always had a sharp conflict with this world, it didn’t prevent a rapid growth of his influence and popularity among the readers.

We must admit that Byron’s popularity was changeable. Here he is at the centre of events, and next time he has been depressed and very lonely. His recklessness and carelessness led some friends to leave it because such friendship would not affect the public opinion. The broken marriage was the next blow. Outliving a betrayal is hard. His hero had a secret past tragedy which justifies his selfishness and alienation.

Who can understand and accept me what I am?

Despite the distress of soul in poet’s life, his talent was so great that allowed the perfect to put into verse form all noble and beautiful.

And then comes a time when he does not feel sympathy either by the time or by the society in which he was born and lived. The disappointment in the marriage, laws, faith, morals, and world has brought suffering. He found himself in the great struggle, freeing the oppressed peoples. Each powerful and lonely hero will find a way to get his great mission and rescue those in need.

In summary, we can say that Byron and Byronic hero are admirable now as 200 years ago.

These are basic elements to recognize the hero qualities:

  • Insulated from the public and self-criticism or self-examination;
  • Rebellious nature and self-confidence;
  • Petulance and arrogance;
  • Sophistication and cynicism;
  • Self-destruction and intellect;
  • Social and sexual dominance;
  • Magnetic charm and charisma.

Later, many writers created a reflexive and infantile hero. He vicious pathetic and stylish, but nobility of self-criticism is no longer remains. I want to understand the reason that a person has changed and did badly. And let Byron help us to learn the differences between Byronic hero and just a scoundrel.

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