Importance of Following Orders (Direct or Not)

Our importance of following direct orders essay examines the need to submit to other people’s will in different life situations. An order is a command that is given by a person who stands superior to you. An order negates the reason and demands you to obey no questions asked. Sometimes orders are necessary follow since vital aspects of life may be at stake.

Essay on importance of following orders has to cover the concept of discipline. The latter is required to maintain the set structures of subordination, boost effectiveness and success within organizations, make sure everyone is on the same page. Obedience to orders can be most explicitly explained on the example of military service. If orders of superiors are not followed, it may result in detrimental effects, destruction, death of soldiers, failures and lost battles. Discipline is the main emphasis of military code. Protecting your country and its people is impossible without following direct orders.

The notion of leadership is closely connected to the importance of following direct orders essay. If one wants to become a leader, they need to show the resilience and ability to follow orders first. Leading others entails following orders. It helps prevent disorder, confusion, and misunderstanding.


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