Modern Work Environments: A Remote Job

Invention of the Internet changed the whole world completely. The 21st century gives many working opportunities, and one of the most interesting of them is a remote job. In this situation, a specialist may work sitting at home with the help of online connection only. However, different companies, even big ones, prefer classic office jobs instead of remote work. Hence, different categories of employees have to choose: either to work in an office or to look for another job. Certainly, a remote job has many benefits, and it is a good alternative to office work.

The main advantage of an online job is that it saves time. Though this advantage is an obvious one, different social surveys, for example, “Work without Walls” by Microsoft, show that work from home has many other benefits. This investigation was aimed at workers’ evaluation of the most important positive sides of this type of job. Hence, as one can see from the results, the first place in the list of such advantages went to the point “work/home balance.” It means that time saved due to the absence of necessity to stay in traffic jams every morning and evening is the greatest value for remote workers. Certainly, it means that an opportunity to work at home is much better than sitting in the office (Kruse, 2012).

A remote job is accessible for all groups of people. The opportunity to have a remote job can be significant for the following groups of people:

      – Students. Most remote workers are students who need this work to earn money for two reasons: either to pay for their education at the university or to have an experience. Such a situation is typical for many professions, for instance, web developers, programmers, designers, etc.
      – Women with children. Another category of remote workers are stay-at-home mothers. Certainly, the balance between work and home is important for many people, but mothers value the ability to work from home more than everybody else because such type of a job gives them the opportunity to earn a living while being involved in full-time childcare at the same time.
      – Disabled individuals. This category of people also needs remote jobs; there are numerous vacancies for people with disabilities in the spheres requiring increased attention or good ability to express thoughts and feelings in a written form. Moreover, remote jobs give them a chance for full-time employment without the need to move to and from work, which may at times require specialized equipment and accommodation (Oksanen, 2015).

It is also vital to underline the costs of remote jobs for businesses; first of all, remote workers cost less. Modern socio-economic surveys show that remote workers cost less than those who are working at office. Therefore, it is much better to hire freelancers to do the project that does not require obligatory presence of the employee in the office. This point can be directly connected with the first one: people working in comfort conditions of their own “home offices” can agree with less salary more readily than office workers do. At the same time, it does not mean that freelancers are worse specialists than others; most of them simply find it more comfortable to work from home (Hai-Jew, 2014).

Certainly, all these arguments prove the opinion that a remote job is the best variant for employees, as well as for employers. Therefore, it can be said that digital technologies and the opportunity to work from home are the future of today’s business because they make the lives of many stakeholders better. For employees, remote employment allows staying tuned to everyday home duties while at the same time earning a fair income, while for employers, remote job offers allow collecting talent without any geographical boundaries and achieving considerable cost savings on salaries.


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