Nixon’s Vietnamization Policy and Its Historic Importance

You will hardly find anyone who has never heard about the Vietnam War that left thousands dead (from both parties). In this essay, I will dispute the Vietnamization Policy, created by President Nixon and its repercussion on the cavalcade of war.

After Nixon swept to power in 1969, his administration enunciated the Vietnamization policy. By then, the country was tired of the armed hostilities on the territory of Vietnam. Thousands of American soldiers died there, and Nixon implied a promise that he would end the war and withdraw the American military from Vietnam. Nevertheless, it was rather difficult. The overarching goal of this policy was to equip better and broaden the forces of the South Vietnam to let Americans withdraw their troops and forget about this war. Subsequently, the South Vietnamese forces should be well trained and equipped enough to defend against the North communists on their own (without the help of American soldiers).

Nixon grasped that the instantaneous military disengagement of American forces from the territory of Vietnam could be a real disaster for the whole Pacific area. On that score, the presidential office decided to withdraw its military not immediately but on schedule. When the South Vietnamese would be ready to continue leading a war on their own, they would withdraw their forces.

Simultaneously, the country announced about the gradual American military pullout from the country. The USA guaranteed that they would help its co-belligerents to counter the aggression of the enemy, providing the economic and military aid, but the country refused of sending American soldiers there.

In consequence, this policy gave a positive result. Nevertheless, the real disadvantage of this plan was that the American government considered it to be an excellent opportunity to secede from this war. Their overriding priority was to take away American soldiers from this war but not to develop the effectuality of the Vietnamese army. The events happened in 1975 showed that the South Vietnam wasn’t ready to stand against the enemy under own steam.

Regardless of the fact that this policy was held more than 40 years ago, the term “Vietnamization” is widespread these days. It means the type of the politics focused on shifting the responsibility of conducting of operations from the foreign military forces to the local ones. For that reason, we can’t say that the politics of a well-known American President Nixon was really useful. The overriding priority of this policy was to find the solution which guaranteed the victory of Vietnam and allowed the USA to find a good alternative to withdrawing from the war.

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