Obessity in America

It is a well-known fact that obesity is a serious problem not only in the US but also in other countries. The reason for this situation is quite obvious. People either do not have enough time to do sport because they are too busy or they are lazy.

Anyway, specialists from all over the world declare that we should do everything possible to change this situation, that’s why essay about obesity in America is a normal situation. We decided that we should help our readers who have to write an essay on this topic and created a short “obesity in America” sample. So, if you want to figure out more about this issue, continue reading without hesitation.

Obesity is a global problem. This disease spoils lives of people in all the world. First of all, people with obesity have many obstacles on their way to a happy life. They have problems with their heart, digestion and even with the nervous system. As a result, the duration of life decreases significantly.

In addition, obesity causes cosmetological problems. What should we do to cope with this catastrophe? So, we should probably admit that it is a private problem of each person and other people cannot change the situation of this particular man. Everything depends on their desire to make their lives better and forget about obesity forever. However, our society can stimulate people to stay fit and healthy. We can create different organizations, which can propagandize this idea and stimulate the government to accept new rules and programs, which can motivate people to be more active.

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