We have some pre-set pricing ranges, but the final price for each paper is determined individually. Why so? The price for each order varies depending on the combination of such factors as the deadline, complexity level, and discipline in which it has to be written. Moreover, you may save some cost for the paper if you have some drafts and materials written on your own and need only fine-tuning of your paper, not writing thereof from scratch. With the price depending on so many factors, the best way to find out how much you will really have to pay for the paper is to contact the manager who will consider all factors and will voice the quote for your order.

You may naturally find lower pricing in the online academic writing market, but please consider all pros and cons of cheap papers before you place an order. Every piece of work has its minimum price, and our writers are all credentialed ENL specialists who require fair payment for their time and effort. In connection with hiring only the best specialists and giving them good payment, we may charge prices higher than some other competitors do, but in the end, you will definitely get the best price-quality combination by ordering from us.

To get the best price for your assignment, make sure that you provide all relevant details for the paper and indicate all the details very accurately. If you study at school, there is no need to order a Master’s degree-level paper, but if you are a university student, don’t expect in-depth research and academic vocabulary in a school-level essay, so it’s not the best way to save costs! Moreover, if you need the paper in 3 days, do not save money on ordering 10-day delivery and then demanding the paper from your writer ahead of the deadline – this will also not work out and you may risk failing your course.

We are ready to discuss all terms with clients, and be sure – we will always find a consensus. We have special offers for returning customers and large orders, and you can always save some funds on holiday discounts and sales. But please keep in mind one more important detail: our writers do no conduct primary research for you! This is not included in the order’s price and you will have to provide raw data on your own for extensive research such as dissertations, reports, etc. involving primary data collection procedures.

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