Professional Soldier

Even despite the fact the Cold War is over and there is no need to continue militarization of our country, the government spends billions of dollars to protect our borders. So, we decided to prepare a professional soldier essay example, which you can use as a pattern for your own paper on this topic. So, let’s start.

It is not a secret that the situation on the international arena is very complicated. Many professional politicians admit that the risk of anew local war is too high, that’s why our potential soldiers should take into account this fact.

Hollywood movies and novels convinced people that an army is something like a heaven on Earth. It is a place, in which people understand each other, do sport together and eat well for free every day. However, people, who have already finished their serving in the military, dispel this myth. It is a real challenge which may accept only the bravest men. You should work hard to gain success in this sphere.

To be honest, we think that militarization is not a normal phenomenon. All this money could be spent on something more important such as education for children, science, cures etc. However, we also understand that it is not only our fault. There are many aggressive countries, that’s why these measures are justified.

So, it would be great to destroy not only nuclear but also an ordinary weapon and live in peace. But if it is unreal for now, I hope that our soldiers will be only used to protects our citizens but not for aggressive purposes.

Use this and other professional soldier essay samples to write your own interesting paper on this topic.

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