My Mother

Mother – the person we know even before we are born. They make sure we are born and raised properly while giving us their love and kindness. A mother is a person for whom a child always goes first. There is nothing in this world that she wouldn’t sacrifice for her kid. We all remember always having the last piece of cake or when a mother was always there when we needed her. Read More

My Favorite Movie: Titanic

There are movies in this world that are simply amazing. Everything in them fits together just perfectly, people watch them over and over. The plot is interesting, the storyline is convoluted, yet understandable, the actors fill their roles amazingly. Every person in the world has his or her favorite movie. Sometimes what is considered an extraordinary movie by some is not recognized as such by the others, and it is completely okay. Read More

My Father Essay: Writing Guide & Sample

Father – one of the first people we meet when coming into this world. He teaches us how to ride a bike, how to throw a football. Looking at him we learn what it’s like to be responsible, watching him make decisions is how we learn to make those ourselves. This is a person who we can talk ages about and there still will be stories left worth telling. But as soon as we have to write an essay about him, all of a sudden, we do not even know where to begin.Read More

Men and Women Should Have Equal Rights

Should men and women have equal right? The short answer is – yes. The long answer is – of course, yes. Gender equality is an extremely important issue in modern society with as many opinions as there are people. However, why is it so important for us today?

History is something we need to look at first. Most people think that since the dawn of ages men always help the positions of power.Read More

Importance of Road Safety

Today, a car is the least reliable mean of transportation. More people die on the roads every single day. Nearly all of the news will feature information about yet another horrific accident with multiple casualties. It is truly hard to watch how many lives does the road claim day after day.Read More

Importance of Politeness

It is funny, but even the most will-mannered people often don’t know the true importance of politeness. People think that this is something that they do for no good reason, simply because this is how the world is. But, surprise-surprise, the rules of politeness actually have their origin and serve a particular purpose. These are not just some random social norms that appeared out of nowhere in order to make sure that kid’s lives are not as fun as they could have been. Read More

Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in Students Life

School plays an extremely big part in a student’s life. Every single day there are new things to learn and something new to discover. New people are everyone, interesting teachers are willing to tell fascinating and exciting things. But most student also attend co-curricular activities instead of just going to school. Why is it so popular? Moreover, why are those activities so important for students and what good can they do on a young mind?Read More

Ideas for Descriptive Essay Writing in 2017

Writing a descriptive essay, it sounds so easy. But despite sounding like a piece of cake, the entire process is actually far always from being incredibly easy, and the problems are there right from the get-go.  How to show emotions to a writer? How to make sure he or she understands what a writer even talking about? However, the very first problem that absolutely any essay writer encounters is choosing a topic. Going through all the possibilities and picking something interesting can be quite a hard thing to do. After all, what ideas can even be considered good? Let’s go over some of these.Read More

Essay Help, Writing Guides and Tutorials

Essay – something that sounds so easy, yet is so hard to actually write. It takes many years for some people to master this art. Not everyone who attempts to take a shot at it actually succeeds. There are a lot of things that all have to be accounted for in a good essay.  However, there is a way to make the entire process a little bit less of a pain. How? Well, here are some tips and guides that make every essay writing much less troublesome and much more of enjoyable process.Read More

A Visit to an Amusement Park

If there is a heaven on Earth, that this place would be an amusement park. This is truly the place where everyone is happy, fun is guaranteed, and nobody leaves unsatisfied. Is there even a person in the entire world who doesn’t like amusement parks? Probably not. They are just so awesome! Recently, I have been to one, and believe me, it was just a wonderful experience. Every person should always visit amusements parks from time to time.Read More

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