Why it’s important to drink a lot of water

Human body consists of water at about 70%, and water covers almost 71% of our planet’s surface. All cells of our body need water because every day we lose it during our functioning (physical activities, urination, sweating), so we have to replace lost water. It’s very important for any person to drink clear water regularly.Read More

Healthy food is important for us

Nowadays, a lot of people care about their health with different diets, exercising, eating vegetables, etc. But we can also see a lot of people that like to eat junk food, such as pizza, hamburgers, and hot-dogs. Is there a big difference between these two groups and is it really important to consume healthy food for people?Read More

The value of planting trees in our life

Of course, you heard that trees are quite important for people lives and for the environment. But do you know all benefits of planting trees? In this short article, we are going to emphasize all advantages that we can get from trees.Read More

50 best topics for your research paper

If you feel stuck with choosing a good subject for your future research paper, read this list of the most popular topics for 2017 and get fresh ideas to create a successful work!Read More

I dream to live in a perfect hou

For all people the word “home” associates with safety, warmth and calmness. We like to decorate our houses with different things that give us a feeling of comfort and individuality. That’s why even if you live in a block of flats, you would never find two flats that look the same. Each house is the individual world filled by its owners.Read More

Badminton: history, equipment, interesting facts

Badminton is a great game that never can be boring. Both adults and children can have a lot of fun playing with rockets and shuttlecock in the yard. Of course, this kind of game isn’t so intense like tennis or soccer, but it’s ideal for those who want to play active games outside. Badminton helps people to improve their health and be in a good shape. Apart from this, during the game we can move the direction of the shuttlecock, so it means we develop our coordination.Read More

Harry Potter” series — the best book I’ve ever read

I have a huge collection of books at home, and I used to read since I was a child. Most of all, I like fantastic and adventures, and of course, when someone asks me to tell them about my favorite book, I can tell them about Harry Potter for hours! I have read all books from series for many times, and I enjoy each and every of them. Of course, I have a favorite story, and this is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This is the first book from the series, and this is the first book about Harry Potter I’ve read, and I felt that I was gripped by the author.Read More

Is the Internet a useful thing or we just waste our time there?

Nowadays, we can’t imagine our life without the Internet. People read the news there, search for some information, watch movies and TV shows, and even buy things online. But at the same time, people started to spend a lot of time with their laptops, tablets, phones and other gadgets. In this short article we will review merits and demerits of the global network.Read More

How to write “My parents essay”?

Needless to say that parents are the most important and close people for anyone. Of course, we all can have conflicts and fights, but parents are those people who would never betray their children. My parents will always be my best heroes because they did their best to make my life brighter. I can’t imagine how the child changes people’s life and how hard it must be to stay awake at nights when the baby is crying. Read More

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