Should Cigarette Smoking Be Banned

Most doctors probably agree with me that cigarette smoking is a very dangerous habit. Even despite the fact that millions of people smoke every day, many anti-tobacco activists declare that smoking should be banned not only in public places but in general as a phenomenon because it causes a harmful effect not only on smokers but also on ordinary people.

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So, everybody understands that cigarette smoking causes a negative effect on your body. I think that it is an undisputed fact. Of course, we have to decrease the number of smokers but I do not think that we should ban cigarettes. We have an unlimited number of examples, which show that prohibitions do not help at all. Just remember the prohibition of alcohol in America in the 1930s. It didn’t help to reduce the number of consumed alcohol but it caused the increase of illegal mafia. We should change the existing situation with the aid of “soft” law and propaganda on TV or social media.

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