Social Facilitation and Presence Effect of Other People

The chief has gone out the door and all relaxed. The work stopped for a while.

Doing a monotonous job for a long time is not easy, the concentration disappears. But if a colleague, competitor, or director works next to you, then you achieve maximum efficiency.

It turns out that Norman Triplet observed this tendency. He disclosed the theory of Social Facilitation in 1898 when he walked in the park and watched bicyclists. Participants of the bike ride go faster when there are many spectators around. But when the street is empty, their speed drops down.

His famous experiment was to observe one group of children who have done wound a thread to the coil. When someone was watching them, the action was perceived as a competition, and they were very productive. So, then the theory of Social Facilitation appeared. A simple task will be performed better if you have someone who checks the performer.

I want to note that, an essential missing element was the theory of the American psychologist Professor Robert Boleslaw Zajonc. He singled out a few points that affect people’s productivity. He combined two incompatible opposites. He observed a good performance when people performed simple tasks under the supervision. When people performed complex tasks, all performance indicators dropped.

Zayonts determined the importance of the increased excitement.

It improves the performance of simple tasks for which the correct decision is intuitively taken. People solve simple rebuses when they are excited. But in complex assignments excitation promotes an incorrect reaction.

Now mixes of the facts and experiments have developed a meaningful theory. After all, excitement for everyone can cause different things. I want to provide the factors and differences for a diverse audience that monitors:

  • The level of attention of the audience that watches. Closer or relaxed;
  • A man or a woman looks after the process;
  • The nature and mood of the person who watches.

It is curious that these factors stimulate the work in different ways.

I think the Social Facilitation is a high motivation when performing an easy task which is observed by other controllers. There will be a positive result. But for more complex tasks the motivation will be lower because we are afraid of making wrong actions, and we are afraid that others will laugh at our mistakes.

Yes, there are some difficulties in applying the Social Facilitation. But I want notice that Social Facilitation is a very popular phenomenon in our society. Pros and cons of the consequences of such actions can be observed regularly.

We start with examinations in some school or university and finish with the appearances to sports competitions. People work better or worse. Going forward or falling behind. Everything depends on the complexity of the task and the observing audience or its absence.

In business, social support is also applicable to the interests of a particular business enterprise. Online auctions and technologies, SMS, the suitable connection between a seller and buyer affect the behaviours of both sides and their performance.

It is crucial to understand the principle of Social Facilitation. It can help to give a person motivation and significantly increase his useful action.

I want to highlight the fact that often we make hasty conclusions about the abilities of the particular person. If someone did the job not very good, we immediately think that the person didn’t misunderstand the topic and have enough qualification. Perhaps, it is so. But Social Facilitation can show how completely you can reveal a person. This method will give an idea of his full ability to work on this task with a maximum result.

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