Teen Spirit of The Outsiders

There is an inconsistent novel, a book by a 16-year-old writer. It’s written not so long ago in 1965. The popularity of book The Outsiders was through the roof, and the talking surrounding the work lasted for many years. The author, Susan Eloise Hinton, expressed on the book’s pages all disappointment with the world of adults.

She did it so sincerely that the book firmly took its place in American literature. In some states The Outsiders was included in the school curriculum, in others, it was prohibited. But the next career of the writer was not impressive. For the 50 years since the first publication, the total circulation was more than 15 million copies.

I would like to highlight the details of the story and figure out pros and cons in author’s work, to realize the importance of her creation.

The Outsiders is very sorrowful and delicate book. It talks about the child loneliness in the adult world and a presentiment of major disappointments. One of the tragedies for the main character came eight months before the other events described in the book. A car accident took the lives of his parents, and a boy became an orphan. At the age of 14, the dreamer and rebel, Ponyboy Curtis lived with the Elder Brothers. One is 16 years old named Sodapop. He is a pretty boy and “everybody loves me” guy. Their older brother and caretaker is Darrel (nicknamed Darry). He is a 20-year-old sullen strong one. Derry considers his brother abnormal, and Pony agrees. He gets into trouble that could not happen if to be more cautious. Because sometimes he just does not think about the aftermaths. This trait of character is traced throughout the book.

Friends, brothers, and Ponyboy himself, they called themselves. The greasers is a class term that defines the East Side groups of young men from the poorest district of the city. They are well-known due to their long, greased hair with briolin.

The brothers belong to a small gang that participates in a bandit disassemble.

The poor life gives the rise of aggression and hatred of another social class in their souls. They hate those who received everything from birth, lucky boys from wealthy families. They call them group Socs from Socials. It seems these guys have no problems. Periodically skirmishes between groups happen.

If at first, the Ponyboy Curtis believes that he can have only a small group of friends, who stick together, in the gang, the hero finds support. It gives the power to live further in the total injustice of this world.

After getting the experience of the death of his friends and one from the Socs gang, he understood that the death at such age is equally wrong for all of them. Ponyboy is able not only to survive but understands that he can do something essential in life. The bitterness of the loss of friends and the amazing discovery that his enemies from Socs are also humans helps Ponyboy Curtis see that each life is precious. He realizes the value of life.

The Outsiders is not exactly a model of style. Those who look for the explicitly literary language with the submission of rules are not worth to read this novel.

From The Outsiders novel externalizes rage and rebellious energy. It is better to say a teen spirit that transcends all the shortcomings of the work.

Is not the presence of emotions is more important than the public response to the book? Criticism or approval is better than indifference.

Outcasts definitely will not leave the audience indifferent.

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