The Definition of Perception. Marketing and perception manipulation

I can be sure that everyone, at least few times in his life, was trying to sell something. To achieve the desired effect of the transaction, we had to think about favourable terms for both parties. Whether it is an old bicycle or the beginning of your business, it would be useful to study the market and properly submit your product. It is such an introduction to marketing.

But how can you be sure in someone’s objectivity? The reality is all subjective perceptions of the seller and client or producer-creator. Each of us sees everything with the own eyes. If to say that I am right, but you made a mistake, it only proves that I feel more confident in my perception than in someone else’s. No one can prove the opposite. Who will measure the objectivity of opinion? What is the exact definition of perception?

Expert opinion is not a dogma too. Who is an expert? He is a person that other people consider an expert. You can only compare the perception of the same subject by two different individuals. Here we get to the point. It is impossible to objectively give a characterization to something since for everyone it will be “good” or “bad” depends on many factors. But you can change the consciousness of a potential buyer or client by pushing the person to the different way of the subject perceiving.

Realizing our loneliness in this universe, we are trying to unite with the world around, to find anchors for our consciousness. We surround ourselves with films, books, and newspapers. We join clubs or groups on interests. If somewhere else there is another reality, we judge it according to our perception. It is a marketing basis called manipulation of perception.

In this vein, Jack Trout presents marketing. He is one of the progenitors of marketing warfare theory. Convincing for me is his statement that marketing is a battle of perceptions but not products.

Various factors influence the perception, its form, and principles. But it is most interesting to apply in practice knowledge about the peculiarities of human perception of information, such as:

  • Importance of enticing the interlocutor for the first 10-15 seconds, with the correct speech, with a speed of no more than 2.5 words per second, and concise sentences;
  • Topic of the conversation should touch on essential points in the memory of a person, but using of hackneyed phrases will also reduce attention;
  • Knowing the best hours of memory and attention activation, such as from 8 to 12 in the morning and after 9 pm, you can use this in shaping the perception.
  • The best thing we remember is the end of the story or conversation, and we forget the middle almost always. Therefore, slogans and jingles sound at the end of the commercial advertisings.

The perception definition in a broad sense is imprecise. More accurately is to define perception, as an object that comes from the sensations and feelings of a person, into a meaningful picture of the world. There are different perceptions of the same object by different people. Perception leads to decision and motivation to act or not. But the answer is it right or wrong doesn’t exist.

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