The Holy Bible as a Piece of Literature

The majority of today’s believers are used to considering the Bible as a significant and sacred book applied only for religious purposes. Because of such a point of view related to this great volume of historical compositions of different centuries, people prefer not to read this great book and start a fiction work like Harry Potter or Romeo and Juliet in order to relax or find something inspiring in it. Why not consider the study of the Holy Bible to be a part of conventional education?

People can deepen the understanding of many moral dogmas and social phenomena and find out more about ideas believed to be important when learning the sacred book. Of course, the Bible is crucial for people from the point of view of its religious message. However, we should not forget that these sacred words are, first and foremost, literature, a collection of different stories and thoughts written by different people at a certain point. Hence, it conveys the same importance as most outstanding literature masterpieces do. That is why it is appropriate to introduce the Bible as the study object into schools and universities’ teaching programs.

Approaching the Bible as literature, it is of importance to mention that the first reason to read this piece of writing is that, in fact, it is most famous literary work of the world. Many writers of the past wrote their masterpieces being inspired not only by some ideas stated in the Holy Book but also with writing techniques of stories and main ideas of one or another parable or chapter. The Holy Bible is also regarded as the prototype of big and serious volumes of short stories and poems once the reviewer sees how the structure applied by authors of the past is similar to many modern works. Here one can find different plays of words, puzzling tropes, and metaphors together with certain narrative format leading the reader to the understanding of main concepts of the work (Ryken, 2014).

Unlike many others, Andrew Motion, a poet laureate, believes that idea of teaching the basics of the Bible to younger students and as a part of college literature lectures is crucial for the overall development of children and teenagers (Murray, 2009). Besides, the famous writer thinks it may be beneficial to introduce major religious books of the world like the Quran to students and pupils. Motion is convinced in that such pieces of writing are especially useful for the younger generation because of moral and ethical concepts and dogmas included into them. Moreover, the Bible may serve as a good source to learn ancient history; there are parts describing events, traditions, and conflicts of the past closely. Indeed, it is wrong to start learning John Milton’s or Shakespeare’s works without knowing the basic notions and personages of the sacred book. The Bible is focused on the humanity, and it discloses the most horrifying traits of people’s behavior roughly and plainly. This can give children and teenagers a better understanding of major moral questions (Murray, 2009).

According to many popular authors and scientists, the issue of studying the Bible as a piece of literature has many benefits for education of an individual, let alone the common moral and ethical education it may offer. Therefore, there is common sense in learning the sacred words specifically because it is the ancient literary work containing the wisdom of centuries and historical facts enabling people to see the entire picture of the past and present world. The Bible is still a major, influential piece of literary work, and knowing it well may be a viable introduction to in-depth, responsible study of literature overall.


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