What Will My School in Future Look Like?

Education remains one of the most spheres that develop very intensely these days. Every year technology dictates the need to adjust education system to new reality. Learning process is likely to become completely electronic by 2020. Current classroom setting will change, which will definitely influence the relationship between educators and college students. In this my school in future essay I will describe my vision of better schooling.

Essay about my school in future brings forward topical issues of individual schedule and study plans. Distant learning will probably become the new trend in education. Every student will get answers instantly and learn at their own pace. No need to wait for teacher’s explanation anymore – internet technologies will help connect with fellow students and experts in different subjects almost instantly.

Our essay sample about school in future assumes that the way students receive their grades will also change drastically. There will be no more subjective assessment, no ore biased grades. Independent testing systems will make sure students show their knowledge of the subject and don’t get degraded for personal reasons. Automatic systems will keep track of students’ success and progress and suggest further classes to take based on the personal interests and aptitude.


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