Why I Want To Be a Pharmacist

It is not a secret that pharmaceutics is a fast developing sphere in the American market, that’s why no one wonders that a profession of a pharmacist is very popular now. As a result, many students in our country are forced to write essays on this topic. We wanted to make your life easier and prepared a “why I want to be a pharmacist” essay example for you.

So, there are several reasonable factors, which convinced me that the pharmacist is one of the most potentially profitable professions.

First of all, we live in the 21st century. It is an era of new technologies and innovations not only in programming or biotechnologies but also in the medical sphere. So, it is quite obvious that our society requires smart and experienced pharmacists, which can help them in a critical situation.

Second, it is a very profitable business. Of course, in most cases, young pharmacists are forced to work in a local shop at the beginning of their career. However, after that, when they have already gathered enough cash to run their own small business, this profession brings a lot of money.

Finally, do not forget that both doctors and pharmacists are influential and respectful people in the society.

To sum-up, pharmacists are extremely important for our society that’s why if you want to earn enough money and help other people, it is the best choice for you. Read our why I want to be a pharmacist samples and use this short example as a basis for your own paper.

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