Why is Education Important for Future Generations?

The importance of education is undeniable. The question is why is education important for future generations. Its purpose is to give knowledge, provide the basics for further development, create better personalities, and be ready to fight for your own place in this world. Unfortunately, modern concept of education has been twisted.

College students when writing essay about why is education important usually state that they need to pass exams and test to qualify for a privilege of a high-paying position. See the problem here? The entire concept of education is twisted and misunderstood.

Education should endow people with the ability to reason, which is the core factor for modern healthy competition among people. If a person lacks education due to some reasons, they usually become the underdogs since they do not have knowledge about necessary aspects of modern life which will help them survive in the modern society.

In this essay sample about why is education important we need to pay attention to the problem of people who cannot access education at all. These people have no other choice rather than follow and become subject to other people’s will. Education helps discern what is good and what is bad. Besides, education is a modern prerequisite for better life prospects in modern world.


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