Why Should People Have Only One True Religion in the World?

The debate about existence of only one true religion is a rather deep and complicated issue causing much debate and disagreement. For many centuries, people from different countries and continents have been searching for real and true God to worship. While some people argue about the credibility of their religion, others are willing to deny their idols for the sake of their beliefs. However, the humanity lives in the century of technological and informational breakthroughs and scientific discoveries, which allows analyzing and collecting some data and materials with the help of complex calculations and experiments.

Can we deny the validity of any of 21 major religions of the world? In fact, it is hard to say whether there is only one true belief or not; perhaps, numerous ones are correct and true as well. Maybe there is no God at all; this position cannot be proven as well. For this reason, believers around the world listen to their hearts and choose the confession most appropriate for their mindsets.

At the same time, an increasing number of scientists prefer not to ignore the possible existence of the only one Creator of the Universe. For example, Paul Jonson, a British historian, believes that people cannot consider the question of what was long before the universe began to be “meaningless” (Fraser, 2009). All his arguments and claims are quite reasonable, but unfortunately, still, there are no answers to the posed religious questions. Jonson wonders about the motive of the Creator, the purpose of “the big bang” and all its consequences. Indeed, if the existence of the Universe is just the result of the greatest happenstance, this makes people’s lives quite meaningless; and if the God has a finger in the pie to human creation, this changes everything. The ambiguity of the problem suggests that every confession can be true and false at the same time, as there is little evidence to support both these statements (Fraser, 2009).

Nowadays there are four major religions with a global outreach such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Each of them has certain rules and dogmas to follow in order to achieve nirvana or get to the Heaven. Nevertheless, what is more interesting, is that all they boil down to the meaning of love. Jesus taught to respect each other and live in peace. Allah requires Muslims to act as it is written in their holy book; it teaches to love the only the real God and his words. The New Age confession, on the contrary, develops an idea of that a human is the God and everything surrounding man is a miracle, which people should be grateful to. All these religions teach to love each other, the God, or Nature. Hence, these beliefs are like the pieces of a puzzle that no one can put together to see the entire picture (Mortensen, 2003).

So, how can we regard only one religion as the true confession in a world full of mysteries and enigmas? The most intriguing secret has been, and remain, the existence of a real God or Gods. This issue will be topical for many thousands of years to come, until the humanity finds the way to find an empirical proof for the divine origin of the world. Up to this point, nobody can say for sure what religion is the right one. While all religions differ and are mostly culturally predetermined, the universal nature of religion and a central deity in its focus can hardly be denied, so one can suggest that the each religion is only one of many perspectives on one true religion – a belief in the Creator, no matter how He is called in any of the religious confessions. No matter what religion an individual follows, the most important issue is to be committed in that belief, to follow ethical and moral rules it dictates, and to have a sincere faith.


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